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Grow, Aspire, Impact, Achieve

The objectives of The Gaia Network are to:


1. Share business entrepreneurial passion without judgment.



2. Provide a platform for constructive business entrepreneurial networking.



3. Enable women to share their business entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and experience.

About Us


Our Committee Members

Ariane Eva Morin

Founder / Chairwoman


I am "soulful entrepreneur" using my diverse business skills, knowledge and experiences to live out my life with purpose, whilst creating positive and meaningful change in my community, industry and our world.

Rozana Alia

Comittee Member


Nutrition has always been my passion. I am currently studying to become a nutritionist while managing my own business in removals. My aim is to inspire all women to have confidence in themselves and believe that they can do what they love most.

Grace Willis-Hodgins

Co-founder /Vice-Chairwoman


I am a creative entrepreneur and mother of three boys. I developed my career and business by staying true to the things that bring me joy. . I thouroughly enjoy and benefit from supporting, meeting and learning from other women.


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The Gaia Network

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Rozana (Roe) Alia 07770010692