Welcome to The Gaia Network

West London's female entrepreneur's networking association


Welcome to London's female entrepreneur's networking association.

Our goal is to facilitate in a professional, safe, friendly environment meet-ups where entrepreneurial women get encouraged, inspired, supported in their journey to business success.

Our aim is to add value to our community of female entrepreneurs.

Our values:

Welcoming, inspiring, uplifting, friendly, passionate, diversity are some of our association values.

An Online & Offline Community Platform for Women in Business

Recent News & Upcoming Events

  • Speed Networking Event on Thursday 23rd January 2020! Click here for tickets 

  • Sign-Posting: Join Ariane for a 1:1 chat on Friday 31 st January 2020, where she will help point you in the right direction for business support and advice. She will be at The Holiday Inn in Brentford from 1pm-2pm, email info@thegaianetwork.org. Cost: Free

  • Coming Up: Dress for Success with Nicola English on  20th February 2020

  • A good picture says it all! Professional Photoshoot on 26th February 2020 TBC Cost: Only £20 with all your photos and 4 retouched!
Guest Speaker Lucy
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