Welcome to The Gaia Network

West London's female entrepreneur's networking association

Welcome to London's female entrepreneur's networking association.

Our goal is to facilitate in a professional, safe, friendly environment meet-ups where entrepreneurial women get encouraged, inspired, supported in their journey to business success.

Our aim is to add value to our community of female entrepreneurs.

Our values:

Welcoming, inspiring, uplifting, friendly, passionate, diversity are some of our association values.

An Online & Offline Community Platform for Women in Business

Recent News & Upcoming Events

March 2020:

Covid19 Pandemic update: Due the pandemic The Gaia have taken our events online to work with the government on keeping our community safe. These events happen via Zoom and are also streamed to our website and Facebook Page

June 2020: 

On the movement around Black Lives Matter, not only do The Gaia Network stand with our black friends, members, community and colleagues in the fight against racism, we are also taking the time to listen by amplifying the voices of black women and men around us, as well as educating ourselves on how we can do better in our personal and professional lives. We believe in a fair and equal society for all and recognise that we all play a part in dismantling a system that has oppressed and continues to oppress people based on the colour of their skin. 

Upcoming June 24th:

Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe BEM will be our guest speaker for The GaiaNetwork.

Having founded the world’s first Allergen-free beauty company in 2011 on her 26th birthday, Clare single-handedly revolutionised the natural beauty market with her handcrafted brand PremaeUK which have won 17 industry awards including a British Empire Medal from The Queen in 2017. 

Clare is also the founder of On Point Communications – an award winning PR agency which specialises in international communications for Film and Lifestyle brands... to read her full bio head over to our Instagram or Facebook Page and be sure to sign up to our next event! 

Guest Speaker Lucy
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