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Grace Willis - Hodgins







Ariane Eva Morin

Founder / Chairwoman


Ariane Eva Morin is a Transformative Leader, Startup/Small Business Expert.


Director of CCJM Consulting Ltd and the Founder of Foundation Wellbeing Trust & The Gaia Network a not-for-profit online and offline networking platform helping women in business to connect, get inspired and grow in their entrepreneurial journey.


Ariane has been featured in West London Living Magazine.

Nominated for a number of Awards such as Top 100  UK female entrepreneur with f:Entrepreneur, Business Award Finalist & Business Excellence Award to name a few.


Ariane's mission is to help passionate entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their business dreams and goals with clarity, more confidence and with the right business strategy, planning, systems & tools! Find out more about CCJM Small Business Consultancy Firm HERE




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Grace Willis-Hodgins

Co-founder /



Grace is a creative entrepreneur and mother of three boys. She has developed her career and business by staying true to the things that bring her joy.

DramEd, is a children's education & events company with a fast-growing network of performers who teach creatively in schools and nurseries. Grace, with a background as an actress, performing in theatres ranging from The Battersea Arts Centre to The National Theatre, on Channel 4 and again on BBC, is breathing new life into education with the help of Performers who enjoy working with children. DramEd Educators have delivered over 1500+ classes that explore concepts in literacy, maths, history and sport. They are DBS Vetted professionals often going from the stage to your classroom.

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Olesia Zawisza

Volunteer Committee Member


Our GAIA Members Feature

Claz Gomez - Touch of Clarity

Accredited Practitioner Coach | Registered Change Management Practitioner | Holistic & Wellbeing Therapist

Accredited with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring, Claz is a life coach who brings to the table a concoction of her previous corporate soft skills from the media intelligence industry together with senior leadership skills from the charity sector with her. She is also a registered change management practitioner with APMG and a professional holistic healthy eating, wellbeing & massage Therapist. Claz amalgamates her breadth of knowledge and experience into a unique holistic journey of self-discovery, self-actualisation and self-fulfilment for the client with a touch of clarity.


Claz says, “I’m proud to be a member of The Gaia Network, a business network that’s not just close to home, but has become somewhat of a business home-from-home for me. It only took 9 months, but I finally found a network where the membership is formed of authentic, real people, who really care for each others’ success, and do ‘life’ as much as they do business! Events are strategically set up so that we can pragmatically apply learning points to progressing our businesses with bursts of positive energy and sense of community… worth coming to experience if you are a female entrepreneur yourself!”


Call me: 0208 432 0987

Email me: info@touchofclarity.com

Find out more about me: www.touchofclarity.com

Instagram me: @touch.of.clarity

Facebook me: /touch.of.clarity/

LinkedIn me: /clazgomez



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